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Chris Morales is admitted to the practice of law in:

- The State of California
- The Federal District of Northern California
- The 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals
- The United States Supreme Court

Top 100 Trial Lawyer

Rue Ratings' Best Attorney of America

National Association of Distinguished Counsel

The American Society of Legal Advocates

Santa Clara Law

Berkeley University of California

The Education of Chris Morales
St. Ignatius High School, San Francisco
University of California, Berkeley
Santa Clara Law School

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Board-Certified San Francisco Criminal Law Specialist

Client Testimonials

Christopher Morales, Great Attorney Who Really Cares!!!

Posted by: Vito, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-02-23

  • Christopher handled my Criminal Defense matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Client Review:
I had retained Mr. Morales to defend a friend that was looking at twenty five years to life under the three strike law. He will put you at ease after speaking with him. He asks all the right questions, he is one of the most decent attorneys I have met and dealt with. Most importantly he truly cares about his clients and shows it by going the extra mile. I highly recommend Mr. Morales he is the man to get the job done.

Want the Best? Hire the Best, Christopher Morales!

Posted by: a Child Abuse client, 2010-09-15.

  • Christopher handled my Child Abuse matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Client Review:
We hired Christopher Morales after we met with him in regards to a child abuse case that my boyfriend was accused of in Alameda County. Mr. Morales is very knowledgeable in these types of cases. He kept us informed every step of the way and the case was finally dismissed. If you have any type of criminal case you really need to hire the best, Christopher Morales!

Fast, Thorough, and Effective

Posted by: a client, 2010-06-23

Client Review:
As the result of some poor decision making and circumstances I found myself on the wrong side of the law. I took immediate action to rectify the situation and then contacted Christopher Morales to help me sort out the legal aspects. He and his team were fantastic through the process. They kept me well informed of what was going on, encouraged me to participate in ensuring their success, and most importantly they achieved a positive outcome on my behalf. Solid representation, at an equitable cost. If I should ever require assistance again, I know exactly who I will call.

Bay Area Criminal Defense Lawyer

Posted by: PETE, a Criminal Defense client, 2010-05-20.

Client Review:
I'm an LA based lawyer and needed a Bay Area referral for a client I represented in LA. Mr. Morales was referred to me and he did an excellent job. I will not hesitate to use him as a referral source in the future.

My Family and I Are Forever in Debt to You

Posted by: Rigoberto Ruiz, a DUI client, 2010-05-27.

  • Christopher handled my DUI / DWI matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

Client Review:
I live in Los Angeles and while visiting my girlfriend in SF, picked up a DUI. I was sick with the thought of having to drive all the way to SF for court hearings so debated whether or not I should hire an attorney. I was referred to Christopher Morales and through a short exchange of e-mails with him I discovered that not only did I not have to appear at all, but that he might even be able to obtain a dismissal due to the circumstances surrounding my case. So of course, I hired him. He made all the necessary court appearances for me and a couple of months later hit me with the great news that my case was dismissed! I couldn't believe it! I was facing months of jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. Not to mention License suspension and 30 month DUI Program. I was so nervous because I have a 5 month baby boy and didn't know how my new little family was going to survive if I had to be incarcerated. Once I heard the good news I grabbed my son and ran to my girlfriend and we held each other in sheer joy! Thank you Mr. Morales, my family and I are forever in debt to you. -Rigoberto Ruiz Jr

Probation Violation

Posted by: Sergio Fuentes, a Probate client, 2010-01-04.

Client Review:
I want to thank you very much for all the help you gave me.
Your knowledge, experience, and wisdom got me out of trouble.
Saving me thousands of dollars and countless hours of incertitude.
My professional and personal life has been restored.

Excellent Lawyer

Posted by: barreraroberto, a Criminal Defense client, 2009-07-30 over 1 year ago.

  • Christopher handled my Criminal Defense matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

Client Review:
Christopher Morales is an excellent lawyer. Since the first time I met with him he treated me with respect and acquired my trust. He helped in the dismissal of my felony and misdemeanor charges. I spent less than 10 minutes in court and every charge was dismissed, not to mention I kept my record clean. I'm very thankful that he was my lawyer. He is an excellent lawyer and an excellent person.

Excellent Lawyer

Posted by: a Criminal Defense client, 2009-06-26

  • Christopher handled my Criminal Defense matter.
  • I have previously worked with no lawyers.

Client Review:
3 years ago I was wrongfully accused of a serious sex case in a strip dance club and I would be required to register as a sex offender if I lost the case. I needed to hire an excellent lawyer to take my case. Therefore, I was recommended to seek Christopher Morales. He resolved my case in a very professional manner; he is very intelligent and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Christopher Morales.

Very Experienced Criminal Lawyer

Posted by: a Juvenile client, 2009-03-10

  • Christopher handled my Juvenile matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

Client Review:
My daughter got in trouble 3 years ago (juvenile case) and I had a terrible experience with my first lawyer. Fortunately, thanks to the San Mateo county bar association I found Christopher Morales. He is a great lawyer and brings honor to his profession. He is honest, upfront, responsive, and did a great job on my daughter's case. I would highly recommend Christopher Morales for criminal cases.

Executive Director

Posted by: Ana, 2009-01-21

Client Review:
Chris is an excellent lawyer. He provides high quality, competent, and compassionate representation to people facing legal difficulties. I highly recommend him!

Chris is a Lawyer's Lawyer, Very Dependable

Posted by: a Criminal Defense client, 2009-03-05

  • Christopher handled my Criminal Defense matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Client Review:
Besides being a "Certified Specialist in Criminal Law," Chris is honest, compassionate and experienced in his profession. He was highly recommended to me by a Public Defender by the name of Jerry Smith. I was so lucky to get him that after my case was done, I thanked Mr. Smith a hundred times to show him my overwhelming gratitude. Since then, I have been recommending Chris to my relatives, friends and to those who are in dire need of a Lawyer.

You Can Always Count on Christopher Morales!

Posted by: a Criminal Defense client, 2009-01-23

  • Christopher handled my Criminal Defense matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

Client Review:
Mr. Morales is a great criminal lawyer in San Francisco. I needed a criminal lawyer for defense; so I called him late one afternoon and had court the following morning, with Christopher Morales present there with me. He is a lawyer that is trustworthy, does his job well, and most importantly is helpful.

Great Representation

Posted by: mabel, a Commercial client, 2009-01-20.

  • Christopher handled my Commercial matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

Client Review:
Mr. Morales helped our employee out of a situation, which should not have gone as far as it did. I felt he was very confident from the first time I spoke with him and felt assured he would take care of the matter. I would surely recommend him and if the circumstance arises, use him again.

He is Very Knowledgeable and Professional

Posted by: Oscar Y. Menendez, a Violent Crime client, 2009-01-16

  • Christopher handled my Violent Crime matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Client Review:
I found Mr. Christopher Morales at a crucial time in my case. I was fighting a gun possession case and my case improved dramatically with his representation, he was always there to answer my questions and helped me a lot with my case, I can't say enough positive things about Mr. Morales and his ability as an attorney. He is very professional, yet he cares about your situation and truly wants his client to prevail. I owe so much to this man for everything he has done for me; I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a qualified, reliable attorney!!

Best in SF!

Posted by: a Insurance Fraud client, 2009-01-15

  • Christopher handled my Insurance Fraud matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Client Review:
I have been working with Chris for the past year and he has done an outstanding job! He is very knowledgeable and professional, yet personable and affable. He was able to reduce my charges from a double-felony to a misdemeanor, dismissing my sentence and keeping my record as clean as possible. In addition he mentioned he would be able to expunge my record when the time comes in order to keep my back-ground check clean and clear for future employment. The whole time he was focused on my best interest while also keeping in mind my current financial situation. He was, and is a pleasure to work with and is highly recommended against any other lawyer in the San Francisco area; believe me, I spoke to my share of lawyers before deciding on Chris...and it was the best choice I ever made!!

Fellow Attorney’s Endorsements:

Endorsement from lawyer: Vaughan De Kirby, San Francisco (CA), Endorsement: As an attorney for over thirty years I know a great attorney when I see one. If you are facing a criminal charge you need an attorney who really cares about you as a person and is ready to go to bat to see that you receive justice. You need an attorney with the skill and experience to see that your rights are protected. You need a Certified Criminal Specialist like Christopher Morales. Christopher is an attorney for the people and having him at your side can make all the difference.

Endorsement from lawyer: James Bach, San Francisco (CA),
Endorsement: I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Morales as an expert in all aspects of criminal law. I am familiar with his work because I referred an immigration client to him to expunge a conviction that potentially subjected the client to deportation. Mr. Morales quickly and efficiently obtained the expungement, and as a result my client will soon be a U.S. citizen. I recommend Mr. Morales without reservation.

Endorsement from lawyer: Joshua Schulman, Portland (OR), Endorsement: I endorse this lawyer's work. Chris is a fantastic criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to his clients and his work. He doesn’t give up, and is not afraid to put up a good fight; maybe it’s something he picked up from being a collegiate boxing champion. If you ever need a criminal defense attorney, Chris is your man.

Endorsement from lawyer: John Bisnar, Los Angeles (CA),
Endorsement: Chris Morales is the guy you want fighting for you if you have been charged with a serious crime. Chris really will fight for you. Fighting is in his blood. His dad was a Golden Gloves Champion. Chris was a Golden Gloves fighter as well. He was a 1984 National Collegiate Champion and a 1985 AAU Champion. Chris was a champion in the ring and for the last two decades he has been a Champion in the criminal courts, so says the California Bar Association Board of Specialization. Chris is a certified Criminal Law Specialist which means he is in the top 1% of all California attorneys in his criminal law proficiency. When charged with a serious crime in California you want a real fighter on your side. Chris Morales is your man.

Endorsement from lawyer: Darrin Mish, Tampa (FL),
Endorsement: Christopher Morales is truly one of the finest criminal defense lawyers in the United States. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of being charged with a crime, Christopher has the moxie, the guts and the fortitude to see your case all the way to the end. As a former Gold Glove boxer, Christopher has demonstrated that he has what it takes in the ring, and I'm here to vouch that he has what it takes in the courtroom.

Endorsement from lawyer: William Makler, Santa Barbara (CA), Endorsement: Mr. Morales's reputation precedes him as an excellent lawyer who fights very hard for each and every client. I endorse his work.

Endorsement from lawyer: Jeffrey Matsen, Costa Mesa (CA), Endorsement: I endorse this lawyer's work. Chris is an extremely bright and energetic attorney who has loads of experience in criminal defense. If your brother was being charged with a crime, you would want Chris to defend him. He goes to the wall for his clients and gets the job done! He has my highest recommendation.

Endorsement from lawyer: Kevin Von Tungeln, Lancaster (CA), Endorsement: Chris is at the top of the criminal defense bar. When it matters, Chris will fight for his clients like nobody else can. His skills as a champion boxer serve him well in the courtroom, and he knows how to fight to win!

Endorsement from lawyer: Nafiz Ahmed, Redwood City (CA), Endorsement: Chris Morales is in an elite defense attorney whom the State Bar of California has recognized as a Certified Legal Specialist in criminal law. As a fellow attorney who knows Mr. Morales and his work product, I truly mean it when I say that I strive to achieve the level of success that Mr. Morales has earned through his two decades of hard work.

Endorsement from lawyer: Daniel Flores, San Francisco (CA), Endorsement: When it comes to criminal defense, Chris Morales is one of the best. He’s an expert in his field, a warrior in the courtroom and an all around nice guy. I endorse Chris wholeheartedly.

Endorsement from lawyer: Jeffrey Hayden, Redwood City (CA), Endorsement: I have had the pleasure of defending -- and trying --serious cases with Chris defending a co-defendant. Chris is an exceptionally capable and dedicated advocate for his client. He is both thorough and smart in his approach, and in each matter I have observed he has achieved excellent results for his client.

Endorsement from lawyer: Hedi Framm, San Francisco (CA), Endorsement: I specialize in deportation defense, oftentimes with issues that require the expertise of a criminal attorney. I refer all of my clients to Chris. Not only is he bilingual - a big plus - but he is honest, and puts forth his effort both in complex issues and lesser issues as well. In an immigration context, a misdemeanor can sometimes make the difference between permanent residence and deportation. Chris understands this, runs things by me before taking action, and takes the time to explain criminal procedures to me, as well. I recommend him without question.

Endorsement from lawyer: Tomas Flores, San Marcos (CA),
Endorsement: Mr. Morales is a respected criminal defense attorney in the San Francisco bay area. He is equipped to handle serious and violent felony crimes including life sentence cases. As a senior attorney, he is someone younger attorneys turn to for answers.

Endorsement from lawyer: Anamaria Loya, San Francisco (CA), Endorsement: Chris is an excellent lawyer. He provides high quality legal representation, is reliable and a strong advocate. I recommend individuals to him who need legal representation because I know that with Chris they are getting a top quality lawyer, but also someone who engages in his practice with compassion.

Endorsement from lawyer: Mark Blair, San Mateo (CA),
Endorsement: Chris Morales is simply an outstanding attorney. Chris is compassionate and works hard for his clients. He is a zealous advocate who is innovative and creative, and tireless in his efforts to obtain the best result possible.

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