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Cybercrime Is Not Just A Catchy Phrase! It Is A Serious Crime With Serious Consequences

If You Are Charged With A Cybercrime You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer In San Francisco Who Is Experienced With Cybercrime Cases

In today’s fast paced world filled with technology, using a computer is simply a fact of life. Yet, despite all of the conveniences that computers provide, there are many risks involved in using this technology.

In fact, many individuals and companies find themselves the victims of cybercriminals, or hackers, who are capable of gathering sensitive information by breaking into computer systems.

At the same time, there are many people who face charges for cybercrimes they did not commit – people who need a truly experienced San Francisco defense attorney to handle their case – an attorney who understands cybercrimes and has experience defending such cases.

The reality is that a criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco must have a great deal of technical knowledge to effectively defend a cybercrime case. Some scenarios surrounding these types of cases that your attorney must be familiar with include:

  • Stealing credit card or debit card information from a retailer via a technique known as “War Driving.” War Driving involves sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot outside of a “big box” store and stealing credit card numbers from the retailer’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Setting up computer programs that automatically take credit card and debit card information and send it to a special account that has been set up by the hacker. The hacker then sells this data to criminals known as Fencers. The Fencers then resell the information to other criminals, who use the information to make purchases on unsuspecting cardholders’ accounts.
  • Breaking into the website of a commercial store in order to steal credit card and debit card information from those who have made online purchases from the store.

It is important to note that hackers come from a variety of backgrounds. While some do have training in the field of computers, many do not have any specific training or background in the industry.

In fact, many hackers start off as teenagers who have learned to manipulate Internet providers to obtain free Internet service. After enjoying the thrill that this seemingly harmless theft offers, they take the next step by learning how to manipulate other computer systems to their advantage.

While no one condones the criminal activity of hackers, it is important for those who have been charged with these crimes to hire a skilled and experienced San Francisco defense attorney. After all, the punishments associated with being convicted of such a crime can be quite severe. But, by hiring a criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco who is familiar with these types of cases and who has a strong technical background, someone who has been arrested for cybercrimes will have the best chance of beating the case.


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