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Are You Facing SEX OR MOLESTATION Charges
These Are Serious Charges!

You Need The Expertise Of An Experienced SEXUAL ASSAULT Lawyer
In San Francisco, CA!

Are you facing charges for assault & battery, child molestation, sexual assault or even murder in San Francisco?

These are very serious charges – and you could be facing a sentence of years or decades in state prison. It is essential for you to hire the very best assault & battery, child molestation, sexual assault or murder defense lawyer in San Francisco, CA.

While there are many tactics that a skilled lawyer in San Francisco can use to aid in your defense, the DNA found at the scene will be the most important component of the case.

After scouring the scene of a crime for DNA, the crime lab technician can try to find the perpetrator in many different ways, including:

  • Obtaining a search warrant to test the DNA of any known suspects in the crime. If the warrant is granted, the police have the right to forcibly obtain a blood or saliva sample from a suspect.
  • If there are no known suspects, or if the DNA of the suspects does not match the DNA from the crime scene, DNA samples are compared to the DNA of convicted felons, as well as those who are convicted of misdemeanor sex or arson crimes in the State of California.
  • If this still yields no results, DNA from the crime scene may be run through a database to search for potential family members related to the person who may have committed the crime. This is possible by looking for DNA that shares similar characteristics. By comparing the crime scene sample with the DNA of a family member, the police may have obtained a big lead toward finding the person who matches the DNA.

Matching DNA samples is a precise science that involves measuring ten spots on the chromosome of a sample and comparing them to ten spots on the chromosome from the suspect. It requires precision in extraction, collection, examination and storage.

Since DNA samples are extracted from saliva, blood, skin or hair, the sexual assault, child molestation or murder lawyer in San Francisco must search for ways to cast doubt upon the crime scene sample. One way a sexual assault, child molestation or murder defense lawyer in San Francisco does this is by hiring his or her own expert to check the results derived by the San Francisco Crime Lab.

The bottom line is that you cannot put your future in the hands of someone who doesn’t thoroughly understand DNA in a criminal case. By hiring a sexual assault or child molestation  lawyer in San Francisco early in your case - an attorney who has handled similar cases before - you can improve your chances of beating the charges against you.


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