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Are You Concerned About Facing Severe Driving Under The Influence
Penalties After Submitting To A Sobriety Check Point?

Hire A Skilled San Francisco DWI Lawyer To Handle Your Case

When defending a case that involves Sobriety Check Points, your San Francisco DWI lawyer must have the specialized knowledge necessary to defeat these roadblocks.

Sobriety Check Points are strictly regulated, and the police must follow certain rules, or the roadblocks can be found to be improper.

In short, the Fourth Amendment provides protection from “unreasonable searches and seizures”, while also establishing “probable cause” requirements. As such, if these sobriety check points are not setup properly, your San Francisco DWI lawyer could get your charges reduced, or possibly even dismissed.

Let’s face it - no one wants to face SF driving under the influence penalties. Not only can these penalties be financially devastating, but they can lead to a loss of freedom as well.

If you have been arrested after being stopped at a sobriety check point in San Francisco, it is essential to hire a lawyer who has experience handling these types of cases.

When it comes to defending against an arrest involving a sobriety check point, there are several things your San Francisco DWI lawyer will need to address…

  • Is the check point the only thing the lawyer can challenge in the case?
  • Was the check point setup and operated constitutionally?
  • Did a traffic or equipment violation take place before the check point was reached?
  • Did the police agency advertise the Sobriety Check in the local media?

If it can be established that the police failed to follow the constitutional rules for sobriety check points a skilled attorney can potentially get your charges dropped. After all, your Constitutional rights protect you from being stopped and searched for no reason -- and arbitrarily stopping people and asking them to submit to sobriety tests is certainly a violation of this right.

The reality is that not all sobriety check points are the same. In fact, many violate the Constitution in the way they are set up, or in the way they are operated. Through careful scrutiny and a willingness to sort through all of the case law and other factors related to sobriety check points, a dedicated and experienced lawyer can help you avoid being a victim of severe SF driving under the influence penalties.

Why lose your money and your freedom when you don’t have to? Contact a skilled San Francisco DWI lawyer to handle your case.


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